Introduction to Kayaking Course 

Currently we are not able to run introductory courses due to various restrictions.  However, below you will find a sample of what we have run and will hopefully run again next summer.

Our last introductory course ran on a Wednesday (normal paddling meet day) from 18:20 to 20:30 pm  The course lasts for is a four-weeks and participants did not need  previous experience.  We provided kayak, paddle, helmet, spray deck and buoyancy aid. The cost of the course is £80 per person. You do not need to join or be a member of CNCC to take this course. Minimum age 13 years old.

Course Dates:
No course planned at the moment.

Over the four weeks you will learn:

  • Entering and exiting the boat,
  • safety aspects of a boat and paddling,
  • forward paddling,
  • stopping,
  • reverse paddling,
  • turning,
  • sideways movement,
  • simple rescues.

The above sessions are run over the four week period at a pace suited to the individuals on the course.

Session 1Week OneTBC
Session 2Week 2TBC
Session 3Week 3TBC
Session 4Week 4TBC